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Ayurvedic Products
Ayurvedic products are often prioritized as they do not contain the harmful chemicals as their ingredients, thus there are no side effects expected. They provide slow but permanent results. 
Hair Care Products
Hair care products are used for care and proper maintenance of the hair. these products assist in getting healthy, long hair. The hair related issues are solved using these products. 

Medical Bandage
Medical bandage is used for covering the affected part of the skin. The bandage helps in the protection of the injured region. This is demanded in colossal quantity in medical shops and hospitals. 
Surgical Tapes And Plasters
Surgical tapes and plasters are demanded in the hospital sectors. these tapes are applied on the affected part of the patients body. The plasters are used for covering the fractured part. 

Face Wash
The face wash is used for cleansing the face. This facial wash produces less lather or foam due to absence of extra chemical ingredients. It helps in keeps the skin hydrated and healthy. 
Hand Sanitizer
The hand sanitizer is used for cloning the hands. The spread of infections generally takes place with handshakes, touching. Washing hands regularly using the sanitizer can minimize the spread infections. 
Vaginal Wash
The vaginal wash is used for cleaning the intimate regions of the female body. the intimate area has different PH from the body PH; thus, it needs to be treated differently and safely. 
Moisturizing Cream
Moisturizing cream is used for hydrating the bodily skin. The moisture is retained, and the dryness gets reduced. The cream returns the youthful appearance and smooth texture to the skin.  

Surgical Bandages
Surgical bandages are used by the surgical or medical department. These bandages are used for treating the injured parts of the body, wounds, muscular sprains are covered using these bandages. 
Bath Soap
Bath soap is used for cleaning the body. The soap produces lather and reacts with the skin to remove the dust and dirt particles sticked to the skin. 
Pain Relief Patch
Pain relief patch is generally used for reducing the joint and muscular pain of the body arisen due to various possible reasons. This mitigates the pain and gets demanded at the medical stores. 

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